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Apple OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) Fix List

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Ok, so Mountain Lion (10.8) is worlds better than Lion (10.7), but it still does some silly things… this is how to fix it:

In System Preferences:


  • Sidebar Icon Size -> Small; You can actually see all the sidebar items in Finder now!
  • Show Scroll Bars -> Always; (This one is up to your preference)
  • Check “Close windows when quitting an application”; The window auto-open feature is annoying as hell…


  • Check “Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize”; Why did they ever disable this feature?

Mission Control:

  • Uncheck “Show Dashboard as a space”; Why does it use up a whole desktop for gadgets? Let’s put dashboard back how it was…
  • Uncheck “Automatically rearrange spaces…”; Why do my desktops not stay in order, when they automatically change order it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing!

Language & Text: “Text” Tab:

  • Uncheck “Correct spelling automatically”; If you thought autocorrect on a smartphone was bad, check it out on your computer…

Security and Privacy:

  • Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere; Thank you Apple, I know where I got my program…
  • “Privacy” Tab: Diagnostics and Usage: Uncheck “Send…”; I’m sure you already know this one…
  • I trust you to know what rest of these settings should be thanks to common sense and your own preferences


  • If this is an option, set this to either “Scaled” or “Manual”; the best option is the option you have actual control over…

Trackpad: “Scroll & Zoom” Tab:

  • Uncheck “Scroll direction: natural”; Natural? You’re calling the opposite of what everyone has been doing for over a decade natural? WTF?

Network: “Wi-Fi” Section:

  • Uncheck “Ask to join new networks”; Seriously, I’ll connect to a network when I’m ready to connect, not before… your popup is just in my way Apple.

In Finder:(In Finder Preferences)

“General” Tab:

  • Check all the things you want on your desktop, why they got rid of Hard Disks and such from this, I have no idea.
  • “New Finder windows show”: your profile or the root of your hard drive… duh…

“Sidebar” Tab:

  • Uncheck “All My Files”; This feature is totally worthless… thanks Apple.
  • Check your profile… you know, so you can get to it easily…
  • Check “Hard disks”; This one looks like it’s already checked, but it’s not, it doesn’t show your system drive… make sure it shows a check mark in the box.

“Advanced” Tab:

  • Check “Show all filename extensions”; Because we’re not dumb users, we want to see what the extension is so we can decide what to open it in.
  • “When performing a search”: “Search the Current Folder”; If I want to search the whole drive, I’ll either use Spotlight or start the search from the root of the drive…


Also, if you like your desktop icons to be orderly you can right-click on the desktop and click “Show View Options”. If you set “Sort by” to “Snap to Grid” all the icons will align themselves in a grid pattern wherever you drop them.

And last, but not least: When you shut down, press spacebar to uncheck the “Reopen windows when logging back in” option. This should then remain unchecked in future reboot cycles.

That’s it, I’m probably missing a few things, but this should make things a bit better for the user that doesn’t care about how Apple says it SHOULD be.



Written by David

January 14th, 2013 at 10:22 pm

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